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Our Journal

Interdisciplinary Regional Focus Since 1998

ARKANSAS REVIEW: A Journal of Delta Studies focuses on the seven states of the Mississippi River Delta, from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico. This area includes the southern half of Missouri; the southern third of Illinois; the western third of Kentucky; the western half of Tennessee; and  all of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Interdisciplinary in scope and aimed at a general academic audience, we welcome scholarly contributions from all the humanities and social sciences, including anthropology, art history, cultural studies, folklore studies, history, literature, musicology, political science, and sociology. We also publish creative material—fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art—that evokes or responds to the Delta cultural and natural experience. Non-Delta related material is not considered for publication.


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Our team

Formerly the Kansas Quarterly, Arkansas Review has been housed since 1995 in the Department of English, Philosophy, and World Languages, Arkansas State University, and is produced and printed at the university’s main campus in Jonesboro. We adopted our regional focus and subtitle in 1998.  The current senior editorial team has been producing our journal since 2009.

Marcus Tribbett

General Editor
Associate Professor

Janelle Collins

Managing Editor

Khem Aryal

Creative Materials Editor
Associate Professor

Bryan L. Moore

Poetry Editor

Why do we do it?

We have a publication record that spans more than 25 years as a delta-focused journal, and we strive to broaden and enrich the scholarship on, creative conversation about, and understanding of our region.

Creative Work

Fiction, Poetry, Creative Non-Fiction, Visual Art, Photography


Academic Work

Scholarship from a variety of fields in the humanities and social sciences


Book Reviews

Extensive reviews of current Delta-related creative and academic work


Cultural Resources

Museums, Heritage Sites, Festivals, Libraries, Online Resources, etc.




Years of Delta Studies

Since 1998 we have striven to provide our readers the best in Delta related scholarship, creativity, and culture.
We celebrated a quarter century as a Delta focused interdisciplinary journal with the publication of our 75th issue. The December 2022 issue marked the close of our 25th year as Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies.