Arkansas Review | Editorial Board
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Editorial Board

Editorial Committee

Marcus Tribbett, General Editor
Janelle Collins, Managing Editor
Khem Aryal, Creative Materials Editor
Bryan L. Moore, Poetry Editor
Guy Lancaster, Contributing Editor
Abby Frisby, Editorial Assistant
Emma Williams, Editorial Assistant
Brady Banta
Richard Allen Burns
Carl M. Cates
Mary L. Donaghy
Gregory Hansen
Cherisse Jones-Branch
Joseph Key
William McLean
Lauri Umansky

Advisory Editors

John M. Barry (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Andrea Hollander (Portland, Oregon)
William M. Clements (Jonesboro, Arkansas)
David Evans (University of Memphis)
Gloria Gibson (Morgan State University)
Trudier Harris (University of Alabama)
Tom Williams (University of Central Arkansas)
Sally Wolff (Emory University)
Steve Yarbrough (Emerson College)